the prelude.

So I have been here in D.C for about a week now and school is starting tomorrow. My internship starts on Thursday.

I have met most of the people in my program and it is quite an eclectic mix. There are some recent graduates from California as well as a sophomore and people from different cultural backgrounds so I think it will make for some fun discussions and debates.

I am working at the Department of Education and am excited to get started.
Went for a visit today just to make sure I’d know where I was going and here it is:

Not much else to report– will update you later!

On the other hand, the escalator down to Rosslyn metro station is so long and scary and dark. The metro basically looks like its from some alien tunnel movie. I don’t like it.

Some other random things I’ve observed:
1. I think the reputation that Georgetown has for good looking individuals is true. Even the movers that were moving boxes were cute.
2. Are all poli sci majors outgoing and talkative? So far my experiences with interacting with them say yes.
3. The water here is definitely not up to NY and Pittsburgh level. My hair still feels dirty when I come out of the shower! Is it just me?

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2 Comments on “the prelude.”

  1. Joohee says:

    the water has cocaine. do not forget.

  2. Alex Chan says:

    Yeah, there are a few escalators like that around DC. It sucks when one of them breaks down and you have to walk all the way up or down. Somewhat scary going down because you feel like if you fell you wouldn’t stop for a while haha.

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